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The New Enterprise Browser for Greater Productivity is Here


Happy Hump Day, dear Future of Work readers.

Today, let’s talk about Here.

Here, in this article, we’ll be laying out what Here is all about.



Yes, right here.

(Okay, before I get too repetitive or my “Who’s on First?” cadence goes out of control, let’s actually crack into this.)

Here is being described as “the go-to enterprise browser for secure productivity,” as well as “the first browser for work specifically designed to vastly improve employee experiences” through streamlined workflows, reduced tab overload (I write this as I currently have more than a dozen tabs open, myself…) and additional features unique to the structure of Here.

Billed in contrast with “the other browsers over there,” the Here Enterprise Browser is proving great for workers in industries like finance, call centers and government, to name a few. From the developers at here.io (and already invested in by the likes of Bain Capital Ventures, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Pivot Investment Partners and Wells Fargo), Here – built on Google Chromium – enhances productivity with the following core functionalities:

  • Customizable, unified “Supertabs”: Organize and combine browser and application tabs into dedicated layouts to see information across apps at a glance, mitigating the need for confusing toggling.
  • App interoperability: Apps within Supertabs dynamically update, sharing data and context, removing needs for repeated copy-paste practices, thus delivering more streamlined workflows.
  • Deep search: Users retain the ability to search inside and across all applications with a universal search and actionable results displayed in one unified interface. (That sounds like a time-saver, to be sure.)
  • Actionable notifications: A dedicated notification center dramatically simplifies management of notifications and improves productivity. Content-rich notifications can be easily triaged and immediately actioned without the need to toggle into an app.
  • Full admin control and analytics: Administrators centrally authorize approved apps and websites, manage fine-grained app permissions, and receive usage analytics to enable audit, compliance and vendor management.

As Mazy Dar, CEO and co-founder of the team behind the Here Enterprise Browser, has described, recent studies seemingly point to disjointed browser apps and websites as at least two culprits of enormous long-term productivity hits for businesses. Deemed “the toggle tax,” constantly having to rekey information between apps wastes time and even poses security risks for hybrid or fully remote workers.

“This is why,” Dar explained, “most companies can no longer afford to operate with the inefficient paradigm of browsers that were designed to surf the public internet. We have a clear focus on improving worker productivity and experiences, which is why the time has come for a better solution in the enterprise. Run our Here browser for work apps and embrace Edge or Chrome, for instance, for everything else.”

Furthermore, Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, had this to say:

“Here is uniquely positioned to win in the enterprise browser space with its established track-record in financial services. Since leading its Series A, we've been impressed by the company's success in collaborating with the largest banks to meet their needs for productivity, security and compliance.”

Calm work chaos” with “no more tab-toggling” and “reduced worktime overload” – that’s the productivity-centric here.io message about the Here Enterprise Browser.

I, myself, have booked a demo and plan on giving a good whirl. For any readers interested in doing the same, click here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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