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Topbox Enhances CX Using Conversational Analytics


The customer is king, and providing a quality customer experience is increasingly becoming a major focus for most businesses. Analytics and automation are playing a bigger role in customer interactions, and the voice-of-the-customer (VoC) is evolving into a measurable metric impacted by a variety of data and trends.

According to Forrester Research, most VoC programs need some work to truly take advantage of analytics. The firm found that VoC programs remain heavily focused on surveys and lack full data integration. Businesses need to analyze large amounts of unstructured data, including social media posts, call center agent notes, and customer service calls, to glean the most value from VoC solutions.

Topbox is a company working in the enterprise conversation analytics space, offering solutions to help with those VoC goals. The company just announced new software functionality designed to speed up the process of finding actionable insights within a data set, including all conversations with or about a specific organization. The company positions itself as an agnostic aggregator of customer conversations across a variety of channels. Topbox software uses AI, natural language processing and a proprietary classification model to perform analytics. The solution may be applied to chat sessions, emails, survey comments, social media posts and replies, call recordings, in-app communications and other channels.

“Organizations struggle with aggregating customer conversations to gain contextual understanding of the issues being discussed,” said Chris Tranquill, CEO of Topbox. “While many turn to surveys for answers, the inherent limitations of surveys draw an incomplete picture. There are thousands of organic conversations happening every day that contain business-changing insights.”

The new Topbox enhancements are designed to accelerate the time to CX insights while also streamlining the ability to generate actionable insights from myriad customer conversations across a vast number of channels. Those insights may then be shared throughout a company, providing value to sales and marketing teams as well as the contact center, product management and logistics teams.

New software features include a universal search capability using a low latency search engine and corresponding visualizations that pinpoint conversation records from search criteria. This includes speech/text topics and phrases along with metadata elements tagged in any conversation, in any channel. A new AI-on-the-Fly feature lets users analyze conversations for relevant terms and phrases within context. This may be used in tandem with rules-based classification to offer conversation analytics that combine machine learning with users’ specific knowledge of company issues and property.

Topbox has also incorporated omnichannel sentiment into its software, extending its proprietary sentiment algorithm from phone and chat conversations to include email, survey, social media and review of verbatim comments. This feature is a critical part of the company’s experiential analysis and is used with its root cause capabilities to tap into how customers feel as well as why they feel a certain way. The end result is a path to understanding and improving the entire customer journey.

To learn more about how AI and analytics are transforming the workplace and the customer experience, TMC is hosting a Future of Work Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event, which will take place from February 12-14, 2020, will explore how AI and machine learning may be used to improve business communications, collaboration, sales and marketing and contact centers and customer service.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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