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Courtside Solution Uses AI to Automate Court Transcription


AI specialists Authenticity.AI have teamed up with AV technology solutions company BIS Digital, Inc. to launch an automated court transcription service. The new Courtside offering uses AI and natural language processing to analyze and transcribe court records captured by the DCR digital recording software from BIS Digital.

The Courtside solution transcribes the court records from audio or video to court formatting approved transcript files. The solution uses Authenticity.AI’s multi-engine AI platform for accurate speech to text transcription as well as fast data processing. The company also specializes in using AI specifically for the legal and compliance industries.

"We are excited to leverage our artificial intelligence platform to enable the automation of reporting for court cases, depositions and other legal proceedings," said Michael McDonald, founder and CEO of Authenticity.AI."

Courtside marks the third application developed by Authenticity.AI for the company’s Relativity AI platform. The platform uses AI for language translation as well as speech-to-text processing of audio and video formats. The data may then be delivered to a variety of applications and business intelligence and legal tools. The solution aims to consolidate the entire e-discovery process into one platform, and includes advanced searching and analytics, machine learning and built-in visualizations.

"We are committed to delivering innovative technologies that enhance operations and facilitate access to the judicial process," said Steve Coldren, founder and president of BIS Digital. "Capturing an accurate record of proceedings is mission-critical for court administrators. By joining technologies, we raise the bar for IT and automation in the courtroom and address resource constraints currently facing many court systems today."

Courtside will be available to BIS Digital’s 6,000 court customers, and is designed to offer major cost and time savings for a process that is historically labor intensive. It may also be deployed in a hybrid format, so that human court reporters may review, modify and approve final transcripts.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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