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New Modzy Platform Designed to Scale AI Deployments Across the Enterprise


When it comes to scalability, Booz Allen Hamilton have a proven track record, working with hundreds of the world’s largest businesses and organizations, consulting them on operations including analytics and digital engineering initiatives. The company is parlaying that experience into the AI and machine learning realm through a key partnership with AppTek.

The companies are working together on the Modzy platform, an enterprise solution designed to scale AI securely throughout the enterprise using trusted models. AppTek is contributing its automatic speech recognition (ASR) and neural machine translation (NMT) technologies to the platform. Modzy is designed to help organizations rapidly deploy AI on a large scale, while including in-depth security and embedded governance and adversarial defense technologies.

“One of the biggest challenges we often hear about integrating AI and ML technology is how difficult and cumbersome the process can be for organizations that understand the value of machine learning, but don’t have the time and resources to implement it quickly,” said Mudar Yaghi, CEO at AppTek. “We are excited by the opportunity to join Booz Allen Hamilton and others in this venture to accelerate the government’s secure adoption of trusted AI, increasing speed to insight with fewer risks.”

Modzy is unique in that it enables organizations to access, evaluate, deploy, embed and manage proven AI models at scale, as well as allowing them upload their own models for management and governance. Pre-trained models from a variety of machine learning companies are also available, including AppTek, Hypergiant, Orbital Insight, AI.Reverie, Paravision and CrowdAI. The platform features an open architecture design that customers may implement on premises, in the cloud or through custom, hybrid deployments.

“It’s about giving organizations choice and having a predictable and repeatable way to rapidly deploy, manage and secure AI models at enterprise scale,” said Dr. Josh Sullivan, executive leader of Modzy and senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton. “With Modzy, Booz Allen is challenging the idea that AI has to be custom-built for each department, project or purpose. By combining our deep domain and technical expertise with that of other leading AI providers, we’re helping the U.S. government and companies deploy AI at a fraction of the price and time required to build bespoke models from scratch.”

The platform will be available by mid 2020 for early access participants, with a focus on customers in the federal government and commercial markets.

To find out more about how AI and machine learning are becoming more accessible and easier to deploy in the enterprise space, TMC is hosting its Future of Work Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event, which will take place from February 12-14, 2020, will explore how AI and machine learning may be used throughout government and commercial enterprise organizations to improve business communications, collaboration, sales and marketing and contact centers and customer service.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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