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Workforce Logiq Acquires ENGAGE Talent and Adds AI and Analytics


In an effort to ramp up its workforce management offerings using AI and predictive analytics, Workforce Logiq has acquired ENGAGE Talent. The move will enhance Workforce Logiq’s workforce management software and services with real-time intelligence as well as proprietary benchmarks. The combined offerings will be designed to help organizations find, engage, hire and keep the top candidates for their positions quickly and affordably.

The ENGAGE Talent platform brings a host of AI and analytics capabilities to the table and first and foremost provides actionable intelligence to HR and recruiting teams. The company’s offering can identify and shortlist the candidates that are the best fit for an open position, including those most willing and likely to engage with recruiters and stay with the process through the hiring phase. The technology can also recommend and prioritize the most effective channels for sourcing known positions as well as creating future pipelines for talented candidates.

ENGAGE’s offering also specializes in creating unique, customized messaging for specific candidates to boost recruitment and retention rates. And the platform offers real-time supply and demand analytics for talent as well as compensation analyses, industry profiles, trends and other actionable intelligence. Those features are enabled through ENGAGE’s patent-pending Talent Retention Risk Scores, which provide an employment volatility benchmark. The scores are designed to position businesses so they may anticipate and plan for future skill supply and demand gaps.

“Employers want an edge in hiring and retaining the best talent,” said Jim Burke, CEO of Workforce Logiq. “In today’s hyper-competitive market, that requires taking a more proactive and intelligence-based approach to workforce management. ENGAGE’s data science expertise and proprietary benchmarks provide our customers with an analytical advantage to make better and faster decisions, and a predictive head start to attract and keep the market’s best talent.”

“Problem solving with data science is in our DNA,” added Joseph Hanna, founder and CEO of ENGAGE Talent. “That makes us a great fit for Workforce Logiq. Their team thinks differently about how to prepare clients for today’s challenges. The combination of our expert advisors, AI capabilities, and proven platforms give us the freedom and responsibility to innovate, disrupt, and solve problems for more organizations and their broader full-time and contingent talent challenges – globally.”

Additional features ENGAGE brings to the Workforce Logiq portfolio include the company’s ENGAGE 5D Profiles, designed to predict optimal candidate-specific workplace attraction characteristics. The ENGAGE Talent platform is already being used by company’s including Allstate, Dell and Saint Gobain.

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Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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