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Salesforce Broadens AI-Based Einstein Voice Assistant


Salesforce is building on its Einstein AI initiative with the announcement of its newly expanded Einstein Voice Assistant. The offering is designed to add voice to the entire Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, which will enable millions of CRM users to talk to Salesforce, increasing productivity, flexibility and mobility.

The Einstein Voice Assistant will provide insights and predictive intelligence to guide actions with the Salesforce ecosystem. The new Einstein Voice Skills component will also enable developers and administrators to build custom, voice-powered apps on the fly, tailored toward specific roles and industries. By applying natural language processing to voice conversations, Salesforce solutions will deliver insights and actionable intelligence to drive better and more personalized customer interactions.

Einstein Voice Skills enable organizations to reimagine workflows and processes, and are designed to replace manual data entry and manual navigation of Salesforce, which may slow down productivity. Developers can build custom skills for CRM actions like updating a field, creating a task or reading out a prediction, and then select the Saleforce fields or objects that inform each of those actions. Administrators may also control how information is read back to users and automate suggestions for next steps or follow-up tasks.

“Voice is a huge shift for the industry and will be as impactful in businesses as it’s been in our homes,” said Bret Taylor, president and chief product officer, Salesforce. “With Einstein, Salesforce is bringing the power of voice to every business, giving everyone an intelligent, trusted guide at work.”

Features of the enhanced Einstein Voice Assistant offering include Service Cloud Voice, which integrates telephony inside the Service Cloud. This unifies phone, digital channels and CRM data in real time, via a central console. Einstein may also be used to serve up AI-generated recommended responses, knowledge articles and best actions in real time, while agents are on customer calls.

Einstein call coaching enables managers to see insights and trends within conversational data, an enhanced feature for the Salesforce Sales Cloud. The solution uses natural language processing to identify keywords in sales call transcripts, and alerts managers to trends or best practices. The insights can then be passed along to sales reps in the form of personalized coaching, all designed to boost sales and enhance the customer experience.

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