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Workforce Logiq Intros IQ Location Optimizer for Improved Talent Sourcing


The global COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many things in our world. In the workplace, we have seen a move to work from home capabilities as a way to maintain productivity and operations during shutdowns. Now, more businesses than ever are considering allowing their employees to log-in from home and work remotely more permanently.

As societies begin to reopen and offices start their return to work plans, there is now a need for talent acquisition solutions to assist with this new way of working. 

Workforce Logiq,  a provider of AI-powered workforce intelligence, technology, and services for enterprises has introduced a new solution, IQ Location Optimizer, to meet this need.

The offering is expected to launch in July for U.S.-based organizations and it has also filed for three new patents that coincide with the solution including:

  • Geo-Selection Engine: Prioritizing the best locations to recruit talent from based on job description and requirements.
  • Remote Role Recommenders: To determine whether on-site, near-remote or fully remote arrangement is best for the role.
  • Role Collaboration Index: Identifies whether the candidate fits the need for the role’s collaboration and delivery requirements of projects and tasks.

Utilizing all of this data and intelligence, organizations can source the best talent for their roles based on in-office or remote arrangements so that the best set-up is chosen.

With hiring decisions happening under different conditions now, it is critical that companies focus on safety and minimize costs while still driving productivity with the right employees.

“Our investments in data science are focused on driving tangible, practical outcomes for clients. Our new AI-driven algorithms deliver optimized recommendations, based on over a billion applicable data points that help employers make faster, smarter, and more cost-effective workforce decisions in today’s hyper-uncertainty,” said Christy Whitehead, Workforce Logiq’s Chief Data Scientist, and Talent Economist.

Workforce Logiq’s IQ Location Optimizer is fully automated and integrated into Workforce Logiq’s MSP, RPO, and self-sourcing solutions for a fully-loaded suite of solutions to hire, manage, and improve staffing.

“Remote flexibility expands talent pools, provides access to critical skill sets, boosts employee satisfaction and retention, and when implemented with an MSP and RPO, can lower costs by finding high-quality talent in less competitive markets,” said Workforce Logiq CEO Jim Burke.

“We’ve strategically expanded our predictive analytics portfolio to help clients get their employees back to work faster, in an arrangement that is safe, productive, and designed to take advantage of the ‘now normal’ of remote work.”

To provide additional information and discussion about how robotics, AI and automation are impacting and will impact the workforce, TMC is hosting a Future of Work Expo from February 9-12, 2021 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The event will examine how robots and supercomputing are changing the workforce and the global information economy as we know it, with applications in a huge variety of industries and markets.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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