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Most Germans Ready to Embrace Responsible Use of Industrial AI


A new survey shows a majority of Germans want to see more artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in industry for applications like automaking and aircraft building. The Bosch AI Future Compass research was conducted in tandem with market researchers Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH (GIM) and queried 1,000 adult Germans about their views on AI.

The survey also indicates that two-thirds of Germans would like to use AI to diagnose machine faults and in other high-tech areas like space exploration. Other applications for AI received less positivity, with 40 percent of respondents supporting its use in nursing and 31 percent for investment advice.  Overall, 53 percent believe the use of AI is positive, while 36 percent believe it may have negative implications.

“AI applications will only win the day if customers and users trust them,” said Michael Bolle, CDO/CTO of Bosch, at the digital presentation of the research findings. He said that clear, ethically sound guidelines are required throughout Europe to ensure the responsible use of AI. Bosch created a code of ethics for AI at the beginning of this year, making it clear that AI must serve people and be kept under human control.

Two-thirds of survey respondents believe that AI should be used only for the common good and the same number want legal and ethical standards for its use made multilaterally. And 85 percent of those queried believe people must have the final say for all applications of AI.

“Customers and users must be able to understand the basis on which an AI makes certain decisions,” said Bolle. “Any debate about the opportunities and risks of AI, in whatever form, has to be open and objective. AI must be included in the school curriculum, at least as a voluntary additional subject.”

Bosch plans to make 20,000 of its associates ready for AI over the next two years. The company also aims for all products to either contain AI or have been developed or manufactured with it by 2025.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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