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LogicPlum Adds New Functionality to Enterprise AI Solutions Platform


Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping many industries’ futures, and the corporate world is no exception. AI is finding its way into a broad variety of enterprise solutions, from workforce management to communications, customer service, planning and logistics and more.  It’s one of the foundation technologies that helps make the future of work possible.

“The ability to access data has leveled the playing field and brought every enterprise a unique possibility of progress,” wrote Jayshree Pandya for Forbes. “What needs to be seen is in this level playing field, which enterprises will be able to compete and lay a new foundation for fundamental transformation and which ones will decline.”

One of the most prominent places AI is popping up in the business world is in machine learning. Machine learning helps automate the work that employees do, helping them do it faster and more accurately. ML offers broad benefits to functions such as staffing, inventory, and financial applications.

Enterprise AI solutions platform LogicPlum recently announced that it has released its latest update to improve functionality and practicality on its automated machine learning platform. The company’s update includes four new features:

LogicPlum Sequence. This module automates the development of advanced time series models that forecast the future value of a data series built on trend analysis and historical data.

LogicPlum Vision. This functionality deploys highly accurate machine learning models with images, but without expensive hardware. It’s ideal for organizations that make use of image data or visual inspection in their business workflow like automotive, insurance, grocery, agricultural, real estate, government, and manufacturing industries.

LogicPlum MLOps. The enhancement teaches companies how to scale machine learning in the enterprise, reducing friction throughout AI pipelines and workflows and refining AI models through retraining, periodic tweaking, and complete remodeling to ensure long-term accuracy.

LogicPlum Compare. This allows enterprises to see a side-by-side comparison of AI solutions based on important measures like error rates, speed to prediction, and whether obtaining more data could improve accuracy.

"We are committed to helping organizations experience maximum benefit from their AI solutions,” said LogicPlum CTO Anoop Muraleedharan. “We are uniquely positioned to help companies understand the challenges they face, in addition to the opportunities they have, with AI innovation. Our LogicPlum 3.0 platform release has been precisely constructed to accelerate organizations that are becoming AI-driven."

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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