Tracey E. Schelmetic


Tracey E. Schelmetic is a TMCnet contributing editor.



Are Management Teams Ready for GenAI? 'Employees Don't Think So,' New Report Indicates 04/11/2024
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Dialpad and T-Mobile Expand Relationship with Enhanced AI Features 04/01/2024
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LivePerson and Infinity Partner for Better Personalization of Digital Experiences 03/21/2024 Aims to Eliminate the Biases of AI Hiring Solutions 03/20/2024
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Genesys Cloud Platform Authorized for StateRAMP Cybersecurity 12/29/2023
NICE's CXone Fall Release Expands AI and Automation Capabilities 12/29/2023
AI and ML are the 'Biggest Business Drivers,' But Skills Gaps Remain Significant 12/21/2023
Zoom Announces New Tiered Pricing Plan for Zoom Contact Center Suite 12/12/2023
Macorva Introduces AI Customer Feedback Reports 12/11/2023
AWS Introduces Amazon Q Generative AI-Powered Assistant for Business 12/08/2023
Study Finds That Just Over Half of Americans Are Positive About the Future of Chatbots 12/05/2023
AI-Driven Analytics Company BlastPoint Reaps $8M in Seed Funding 11/22/2023
RingCentral Announces Availability of AI-First Contact Center Offering 11/21/2023
Dropbox and NVIDIA Partner on AI-Driven Improvements for the Flow of Knowledge Work 11/21/2023
Cognigy Introduces an AI "Copilot" for Busy Call Center Workers 11/20/2023
Professional Audio and Video Eliminates Many Drawbacks of Virtual Meetings 11/16/2023
IDC White Paper Examines AI-Enabled Decision Making Initiatives 11/15/2023
8x8 Reports Significantly Positive Results for Users of its Intelligent Customer Assistants 11/08/2023
Study Uncovers Worker Attitudes Toward the Time-Saving Potential of Generative AI 11/08/2023
Glia Announces Wide Adoption of its Glia Virtual Assistant Technology 11/07/2023
Dialpad Introduces AI-Driven Playbooks for Contact Center Agent Guidance 11/01/2023
CallRail Adds Features That Automatically Process Sales Lead Intelligence 10/31/2023
New Study Evaluates Business Users' Experiences with SAP Downtime 10/23/2023
Talkdesk Announces Product Enhancements to GenAI Capabilities in its CX Cloud Platform 10/19/2023
SugarCRM Announces the Addition of Embedded Generative AI Capabilities 10/13/2023
Study Finds Nearly All Companies Plan to Expand Spending on Conversational AI 10/06/2023
New Study Reveals the Role Large Language Models Play in Phishing Attacks 10/04/2023
Lucidworks Study Finds Nearly Unanimous Enthusiasm for Generative AI in Retail 10/03/2023
Younger 'Digital Native' Workers Drive Changes to the Digital Employee Experience 09/29/2023
Infosys and NVIDIA Expand Partnership for 'AI First' Offerings 09/27/2023
IntelePeer Expands Its Call Summary Dashboard to Enhance Contact Center Workflows 09/19/2023
Study Uncovers Insight into How Marketers Are Using Their Data Stacks 09/18/2023
Salesforce Adds Einstein Copilot AI Assistant to Assist with Workflow 09/15/2023
8x8 Inc. Launches Voice Conversational AI Capabilities in Flagship Contact Center Product 09/11/2023
CallCabinet Announces Integration of Its Recording and Analytics Solution with Zoom Contact Center 09/05/2023
Talkdesk Joins EHR Company Epic's Partner Program to Improve the Patient Experience 09/01/2023
Twilio Announces New Capabilities for CustomerAI Engagement Platform 08/29/2023
Verint and Five9 Study Uncovers the Importance of Storing Customer Data in a Unified Hub 08/25/2023
Dialpad Debuts DialpadGPT to Automate Tasks Across the Enterprise Using LLM 08/23/2023
SoundHound AI Introduces Subscription Version of its AI-Driven Smart Answering Service 08/17/2023
RingCentral Offers RingSense for Phone Solution to Capture Intelligence from Calls Using AI 08/15/2023
AudioCodes Announces Microsoft Teams Certification for Voca CIC Product 08/09/2023
Most Call Center Agents Don't Believe AI Will Steal Their Job 07/31/2023
Engagedly Examines the State of AI in Human Resource Management 07/28/2023
NICE Announces "1K Every Day" Initiative for Enlighten AI Solution 07/27/2023
Emplifi Expands 2023 Feature Set for Customer Engagement Platform 07/20/2023
Sinch Launches Smart Conversations Technology to Aid Human Agents with AI 07/11/2023
Most Executives Believe the Benefits of Generative AI Outweigh the Risks 07/10/2023
Disparate AI Solutions Can Create "Automation Silos" That Lower Customer Care Quality 06/28/2023
trDisparate AI Solutions Can Create "Automation Silos" That Lower Customer Care Quality 06/28/2023
Intuit Expands GenOS Platform to Include Financial Large Language Models 06/26/2023
Twilio Announces New CustomerAI Solution for Customer Engagement Platform 06/26/2023
NICE Introduces Three New Solutions for Enlighten AI for CX 06/23/2023
Glean Launches AI-Driven Solution for Centralizing and Automating Workforce Knowledge 06/15/2023
New Solutions from Sense are Helping to Automate HR Processes with AI 06/13/2023
Rightpoint Unveils 'Total Experience' Approach to Helping Companies with AI's Rapid Adoption 06/07/2023
JustCall Integrates with Pipedrive CRM for Better Sales and Call Center Support 06/06/2023
NVIDIA and Creative Agency WPP Jointly Develop AI-Driven Marketing Content Platform 06/06/2023
Cognigy Partners with Solutions Integrator Black Box for AI-Based Customer Support 05/31/2023
Cyara Integrates OpenAI's GPT-3 to Accelerate Chatbot Development 05/30/2023
Krista Software Measures Americans' Awareness and Impressions of AI Technology 05/23/2023
Global Employees Believe AI Can Help Them Enrich Their Jobs 05/22/2023
ChurnZero Adds Feature Enhancements to Its Customer Success AI Tool 05/17/2023
RingCentral Announces Updated Integrated Solution for Microsoft Teams 05/16/2023
Former Tech Executives Launch AI Executive Assistant Technology Company 05/10/2023
Marketing Automation Platform Ortto Adds AI-Driven Talk Solution 05/02/2023
IntelePeer Adds ChatGPT to Its Communications Automation Platform 04/26/2023
Companies Are Increasing Investment in Employee Skilling 04/12/2023
CallMiner Debuts AI-Driven Capabilities for Redaction and Automated Summarization 04/03/2023
Calabrio Integrates with Zoom to Bring Workforce Management to Zoom Contact Center 03/31/2023
Forethought Integrates ChatGPT into New AI Customer Support Solution 03/24/2023
Twilio and PolyAI Add AI Assistant Technology to Twilio Contact Center Platforms 03/24/2023
A Solution for Disengaged Workforces: Continuous Monitoring 03/13/2023
Taqtile Partners with Qualcomm for AR-Based Work Instructions Solution 03/02/2023
VERSES Technology Introduces Personal AI Assistant GIA 03/01/2023
Startup LaborWorx Raises Investment to Launch Solution for Skilled Worker Shortage 02/27/2023
Intercom Announces Wide Release of New AI Features for Customer Messaging 02/08/2023
Goosehead Insurance Chooses Vonage Contact Center to Scale with Expected Subscriber Growth 02/06/2023
AiAdvertising Adds ChatGPT to Campaign Performance Platform 02/06/2023
A Large Majority of Customers Are Open to Using AI-based Customer Support 02/03/2023
France's ProovStation Receives Funding for Instant AI-Based Vehicle Inspection Technology 01/30/2023
MegaCorp Logistics Improves Internal and External Communications with RingCentral Partnership 01/12/2023
NICE's NEVA Discover Now Automates the Process of Finding Functions to Automate 01/10/2023
Cisco Chooses Emtrain as Its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Partner 01/06/2023
Employees Still Hold the Power in the Workplace 12/21/2022
Dropbox Acquires Legal Documents Company FormSwift 12/19/2022
Vivant and SoundHound Partner for AI-Driven Voice Ordering for Restaurants 12/13/2022