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NICE Evidencentral Marketplace Gains Five New Technology Partners


Digital transformation and customer experience specialist NICE announced five technology partners have joined the company's Evidencentral Marketplace. A digital open evidence management ecosystem, the marketplace was created to accelerate the digital transformation of emergency communication centers, law enforcement and criminal justice.

The Evidencentral Marketplace aims to connect agencies to an ecosystem of offerings all designed to work with the NICE Evidencentral platform. The offerings help organizations improve their incident response and operational intelligence, accelerate charging decisions, automate investigations and reduce discovery backlogs.

The entire solution is meant to streamline and improve the future of work in law enforcement, emergency services and criminal justice. An extraordinary amount of data, which is often proprietary and siloed, makes it increasingly difficult for police departments, courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys and 911 centers to operate at their most efficient capacity. Evidencentral builds on the NICE Inform, NICE Investigate and NICSE Justice solutions to apply analytics and workflow automation to streamline these critical processes.

The new NICE partners include Aeon Nexus, Hexagon, Niche Technology, PublicSonar and Word Systems iRecord.

“We’re excited to welcome these five technology partners, each a leader in their respective fields, to the Evidencentral Marketplace,” said Chris Wooten, executive vice president, NICE. “Through our technology partnerships, Evidencentral is helping agencies around the globe ensure safer communities by improving incident response, investigations and justice outcomes."

Wooten added that integrations to Records Management Systems are helping police investigators speed up case building as well as develop new leads and lines of inquiry for solving cases more quickly. Integrations to Computer Aided Dispatch systems help 911 centers to improve their quality of services to both first responders and citizens. They also provide them with new operational insights and help them gain extra time, which may be used to coach 911 telecommunications.

Integrations with Case Management Systems also help prosecutors' offices streamline digital evidence intake while helping to eliminate time consuming manual processes.

Edited by Luke Bellos

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