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Deskless Workforce Management Company Connecteam Raises $120 Million


What is a “deskless workforce?” It’s a global workforce untethered to a single workplace. While it’s been a common practice among service providers – think electricians, visiting nurses and insurance adjustors – for a long time, the COVID-19 pandemic escalated the trend as more office-based workers work from their homes. It’s a global shift in workforce trends that will have reverberations for years to come.

So how do you manage a “deskless workforce?” With technology, of course. Connecteam, which offers an all-in-one platform for managing the deskless workforce, recently announced it raised $120 million in a series C round of funding. The New York City-based company’s platform allows  managers to communicate, monitor, and train non-desk employees with an all-in-one company app.

Companies use Connecteam to communicate with their frontline workers, including broadcasting announcements and conducting surveys; enabling managers to schedule shifts and workers to clock in and out; engage with workers through training courses or recognizing specific achievements; and create and allocate tasks. An enterprise-specific edition of the platform offers additional features, such as two-factor authentication for admins, biometric authentication for the mobile app, API access, and more.

The heart of the Connecteam platform is the admin dashboard, where managers can add and remove features to the employee app, export reports, control admin access, supervise workers, and track all the relevant data from across the workforce.

“Employees and managers alike crave high-quality tools and experiences in their work life,” said Connecteam CEO and cofounder Amir Nehemia in a press release. “Connecteam is committed to providing those tools — from day-to-day operations to internal communication and all the way to HR and people management. I strongly believe that any deskless business must have an app to run their operations.”

The company’s series C round was co-led by Stripes and Insight Partners, with participation from Tiger Global, Qumra Capital, and O.G. Tech.

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Edited by Luke Bellos

Future of Work Contributor

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