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EPOS & 10ZiG Announce Partnership to Improve Virtual Work Experiences


While the move to virtual working has been happening for some time, the global pandemic of 2020 shifted that move into overdrive and businesses everywhere started connecting employees to their virtual platforms so they could still work while home. Now, with much of the world reopened and many organizations open for business again, some have moved to fully remote set-ups and others are increasingly offering hybrid work options.

To ensure these remote workers have everything they need for excellent work from home experiences, EPOS, which offers high-end audio solutions for improved communication and collaboration, and 10ZiG, a provider of virtual desktop endpoint hardware and software, have announced a partnership to bring the EPOS audio devices and management software optimized for 10ZiG Windows 10 IoT Thin Client endpoint devices.

Options for a range of entry-level to high-demand users are now available. The 10ZiG Windows 10 IoT Thin Client device models 4610q, 6010q, and 6110 now comply and work seamlessly with EPOS headsets and speakerphones, specifically the ADAPT 660.

EPOS product lines include superb call clarity, stereo sound, adaptive ANC, and a unique UC optimized solution with machine learning enhanced microphone performance.

Its EPOS Manager and EPOS Connect VDI client application makes it possible for both on-premises or cloud-based IT management as well as updating, and configuring an organization’s EPOS headsets and speaker phones from any location.

Seventy-two percent of respondents in a 2022 State Of Remote Work report from Buffer in partnership with Nomad List and Remote OK said their organizations are planning for some form of permanent remote work going forward - a 46 percent increase compared to 2021. With productivity gains being seen across industries, hybrid workplaces are also on the rise.

The combination of advanced tools offered by this new partnership - like supportive remote Thin Client endpoints and audio headsets with quality sound - not only makes for an easier and better user experience for unified communications and related platforms, but it also allows workers to maximize focus and productivity.

If you want to learn more about new trends emerging in workplace culture, work/life balance, team collaboration and other human factors as they continue to intersect with AI and other disruptive technologies be sure to attend The Future of Work Expo February 14-17 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW.

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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