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Tango Brings Mobile UC to Frontline Workers


Deskless workers – those employees on the road or in other roles that don’t require them to sit in a typical office environment – are growing in today’s workforce. They are a critical part of the workforces and are found in industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, construction, transportation and more.

According to peopleHum, these workers account for 80% of the total global workforce (2.7 billion people) and their roles are evolving to require more direct access and communications capabilities than ever before.

To provide necessary mobile UC to frontline and deskless workers, Tango Networks has announced that its Tango Extend service is now available to turn a personal BYOD phone into a business line full of necessary features.

Now, deskless workers – whether they are performing deliveries, providing field services, or have other non-desk functions, can now communicate with colleagues and customers just as their desk-bound colleagues can.  They can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, all using a business phone number.

With Tango Extend, a SIM- or eSIM-enabled phone becomes a business line without the need for any additional apps or phone clients. A user's personal and business personas are separated and the business eSIM becomes tied to the corporate communications platform so calls can be captured and recorded for monitoring and retention.

“The frontline workforce is traditionally out of scope of the corporate communications platform,” said Andrew Bale, Tango Networks executive vice president. “That leads to confusion for customers when they get calls from these workers’ personal numbers, leading to missed appointments, extra cost and a poor customer experience.”

That’s exactly the problem Tango is hoping to solve with Tango Extend. The solution embeds the equivalent of a business desk phone into each employee’s mobile device, so those workers are tied into the corporate communications platform, wherever they are, just like every other employee. Suddenly, there is consistency across the entire business in terms of communication and IT, delivering a better customer experience and simplifying management for IT teams.

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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