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Gaming Company Razer Using AI to Drive Social Commerce and Support


Customers today aren’t looking for standalone, single channel assistance for each transaction they initiative with a company. Increasingly, digital customers want conversational attention over a variety of channels, which must be actively integrated to provide a complete customer experience. For very digital-savvy customers, such as gamers, the stakes are high for providing solutions that offer high tech-enabled customer care while still keeping labor costs under control. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can play a critical role, particularly in the tricky realm of customer support by social media.

Jumper.ai is telephony giant Vonage's end-to-end conversational commerce solution that enables brands to create omnichannel, messaging-first customer buying experiences across popular messaging, social and web platforms. Recently, Razer, a global lifestyle brand for gamers, chose Jumper.ai to better engage with customers in Asia Pacific and allow direct purchases of gaming gear and accessories on social media. Razer is an American-Singaporean multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, financial services and gaming hardware.

Razer has multiple direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels including retail stores and Razer.com. With conversational commerce capabilities powered by Vonage, it now aims to use its strong social media presence - over 24 million followers across all platforms - to continually improve on their omnichannel experiences.

"Using Vonage's conversational commerce application, we cater directly to the changing demands of our customers through a seamless commerce flow," said Mandy Arbilo, Associate Director of Global Ecommerce Platform for Razer. "Overwhelmingly, our youth segments have a preference for social. Razer's community and D2C strategy has a stronghold in social channels building an ever growing global community. Our fans are able to connect with Razer directly, enabling an opportune moment for social commerce to add value to our customer experience."

According to Bain & Co., social commerce accounted for 44 percent of Southeast Asia's $109 billion e-commerce market in 2020 alone, according to Yash Kotak, senior director product management at Vonage and Founder of Jumper.ai. Euromonitor projects social commerce sales to hit $4 trillion by 2024.

“Using our conversational commerce application, ecommerce players like Razer can leverage their presence on social media to create a seamless shopping experience and gain their customers' trust through personalized conversations around their products and offerings."

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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