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MegaCorp Logistics Improves Internal and External Communications with RingCentral Partnership


Few companies rely on effective communications both internally for their own employees and externally with customers than a logistics organization. Even minor inefficiencies and interruptions can lead to expensive and harmful delays in shipping and connections.

California-based MegaCorp Logistics announced that it partnered with enterprise cloud communications company RingCentral to bring RingCentral’s cloud communications capabilities to power more effective employee-customer communications across its logistics enterprise. Ten-year-old MegaCorp Logistics has driven nearly $3.2 billion in revenue since 2009. Still a rapidly growing business that relies heavily on phones to communicate with customers and vetted carrier partners, the company’s previous telephone solution could not scale, nor offer some key technology features and reliability that MegaCorp needed. When regular phone outages were costing the organization up to $40,000 an hour in lost sales, it quickly became apparent that in order to drive continued success for their business, MegaCorp’s leaders needed a more reliable and advanced cloud-based communications solution.

“We’re at a stage in our growth where we’re onboarding new employees weekly, therefore a solution that can grow with us is mission critical. The RingCentral team worked hard to understand the full scope of our needs and put forth a solution that delivers,” said Jared Leake, lead voice engineer for MegaCorp Logistics.

In addition to enabling seamless, flexible employee and customer communication, the team at MegaCorp Logistics wanted their new cloud communications solution to be similar to the company’s previous premised-based routing so as not to disrupt their workflow and risk losing sales opportunities, and RingCentral accommodated this wish. 

“Even in the new era of work, where messaging and meetings are also important, voice will always be at the heart of customer communications. It’s exciting to see our world-class voice solution enable even more success for a company like MegaCorp Logistics,” said Joe Jacob, senior vice president of field sales at RingCentral.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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