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Intercom Announces Wide Release of New AI Features for Customer Messaging


Increasingly, customers are demanding personalization when it comes to messaging with the companies they buy from. At the same time, many companies are still relying on template language that customers can usually tell came from an automated system. Personalizing the messaging experience is important, yet few companies have the resources to hire more humans. This is where advanced artificial intelligence can radically improve the customer experience.

Customer service platform provider Intercom, which enables businesses to send timely customer messages, announced it added three new automation features built using OpenAI's GPT-3.5 technology, the same model that powers ChatGPT. Until recently, the features have been in limited beta release with 100 customers.

One of the new features is ComposerAI, which allows support agents to write shorthand customer responses in the Intercom Inbox and let the AI generate a complete suggested message with the new Expand and Rephrase capabilities. Agents can also automatically change the tone of the message to more casual and happy or more formal with just one click of the Make More Formal and Make More Friendly buttons. This not only lets agents send faster and better quality responses to customers, but also reduces the time they spend composing messages, said the company.

Another new feature is conversation summarization, which allows support agents to view an AI-generated summary of a customer conversation within the Intercom Inbox, making handover between agents much quicker and easier. Finally, the company is debuting an article generator AI, which allows users to paste a summary of the content they want to explain and allow the AI to generate a full article version, which can be edited or updated as required. This lets teams create more help content at a faster pace for customers.

"We believe the advances made in Large Language Models (LLM), spearheaded by OpenAI and that have manifested in ChatGPT, will be the most significant change the customer service industry has experienced in decades. It's a massive step towards a world where customer service is automation-first, a future we've been working towards for a few years," said Des Traynor, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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