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DataRobot Empowers Enterprises to Drive Business Value with Generative AI


The global generative AI market size accounted for $7.9 billion in 2021 and is projected to occupy a market size of $110.8 Billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 34.3% from 2022 to 2030, according to research by Acumen.

Still, companies who may be looking to adopt generative AI tend to have a few concerns about the solutions currently on the market.

One major concern is the potential for biased or inappropriate content generated by the AI, which can lead to public backlash, damage to brand reputation and legal issues. Then there's the risk of malicious use of AI-generated content, which could have serious consequences if not properly controlled.

Vendor lock-in is another concern. Many generative AI solutions are offered by third-party vendors, and companies may become heavily dependent on these solutions. This dependency can lead to vendor lock-in, where switching to a different solution or provider becomes difficult and costly. This lack of flexibility can hinder innovation and competitive advantage, and companies need to carefully evaluate the long-term implications of adopting specific generative AI technologies.

Additionally, if companies implement piecemeal solutions without a coherent strategy, they may accumulate technical debt over time, making it challenging to maintain and upgrade the AI systems as efficiently.

For those businesses, however, there's now a way to overcome those concerns with an open and end-to-end solution for them to experiment with, build, deploy, monitor and use to moderate enterprise-grade AI applications and assistants and drive impact for the business:

DataRobot announced a new generative AI offering, including platform capabilities and applied AI services, to accelerate the path from concept to value with generative AI. This offering brings generative and predictive AI capabilities together in the DataRobot AI Platform.

DataRobot's new offering leverages the robust foundation of the DataRobot AI Platform, aiming to expedite generative AI endeavors through the integration of top-tier components in an open, multi-cloud environment.

Merge expansive LLMs, vector databases and prompting strategies with enterprise data directly within DataRobot hosted notebooks. The experience emphasizes code-first development, accompanied by pre-built assistant recipes, facilitating the swift creation of tailored solutions that align with specific business requirements.

Also, foster confidence in the operation of generative and predictive AI assets with advanced monitoring, management and governance. Metrics encompass operational and data drift (alongside generative AI-specific measurements such as toxicity and truthfulness). Customized guardrails ensure applications remain relevant to specific use cases.

Additionally, DataRobot introduced novel generative AI services dedicated to end-to-end implementation of tailored use cases and workforce upskilling, orchestrated by their applied AI experts:

  • Executive and practitioner generative AI training and enablement: Empowers leaders to rapidly attain the necessary generative AI proficiency for maintaining competitiveness in the contemporary market landscape.
  • Generative AI ideation and roadmapping workshops: Guides teams in progressing from use case ideation to effective implementation by systematically identifying and prioritizing high-value opportunities while aligning leadership, data teams and stakeholders.
  • Generative AI Trust and compliance framework: Facilitates responsible generative AI governance processes, better preparing businesses to adhere to existing guidelines and anticipate forthcoming regulations.

This positions DataRobot to better support its customers from all industries to solve real-world business problems with generative and predictive AI. For example, connecting Ford Motor Company with over 3,800 Ford and Lincoln dealerships across the U.S. and Canada, FordDirect leverages the DataRobot AI Platform to better engage and anticipate customer needs.

“DataRobot is an indispensable partner helping us maintain our reputation both internally and externally by deploying, monitoring, and governing generative AI responsibly and effectively,” said Tom Thomas, Vice President of Data Strategy, Analytics and Business Intelligence, FordDirect.

With more than 10 years leading the way in AI innovation, DataRobot comprehends the essential elements for the successful and secure delivery of AI solutions.

“Our new offering gives your teams everything they need to experiment quickly, deploy in production, monitor to ensure quality and ultimately get value from your generative AI projects,” said Jay Schuren, Chief Customer Officer, DataRobot.

Edited by Alex Passett
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