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Twilio Announces New Capabilities for CustomerAI Engagement Platform


Understanding customer data is one of the most critical functions in business today. Without it, brands are flying blind when it comes to business development, product launches, and maintaining high standards of customer care.

So, customer engagement company Twilio recently announced new capabilities for its CustomerAI technology that couples large language models (LLMs) with the customer data that flows through Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform. The goal, said the company, is to "unlock the power of artificial intelligence for hundreds of thousands of businesses." New predictive and generative AI tools, along with CDP innovations that underpin powerful AI use cases, are among the launches.

New capabilities include CustomerAI Predictions, which allow users to create targeted audiences out-of-the-box, trigger customer journeys, and personalize multichannel experiences based on a customer’s lifetime value, likelihood to purchase or churn, or any other event tracked in Segment, according to Twilio. The is driven by unified, real-time data in Segment, critical to training high-quality AI models. Brands like Box are using Predictions to save time, optimize campaign performance, and unlock revenue opportunities.

In addition, the company is launching Voice Intelligence, which employs a transcription and language operator tool that deploys conversational speech recognition to intelligently extract insights. Using natural language understanding (NLU) technology, it reports on trends like common feedback, competitive insights and compliance risks. Twilio Flex and Voice customers can also manage regulatory requirements with automated personal information redaction.

Thanks in part to the new additions to CustomerAI, brands can expand their perception of customer data, activate it more extensively, and be better informed by a deeper understanding, noted Twilio.

“Today we are announcing a slate of new CustomerAI capabilities that make AI more accessible, powering dynamic customer engagement that adapts to every individual customer,” said Kathryn Murphy, SVP of Product at Twilio. “Getting smarter and more tailored all the time, every interaction creates new data and signals, and every new signal then cycles back around to inform the next AI-powered communication. This flywheel creates precise 1:1 personalization that ensures each unique customer is taken care of, in turn accelerating competitive advantage and business results for brands by boosting customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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