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Glia Announces Wide Adoption of its Glia Virtual Assistant Technology


When it comes to customer interactions, few industries experience as much pressure and volume as financial services companies do. Banks and other financial service companies must strike a unique balance that services customers' needs accurately and sufficiently while not overburdening organizations with extreme labor costs. Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI) has been one answer to the problem, providing banking customers with virtual assistants (VAs) that can handle lower-level inquiries and direct more complex issues to the right human agents.

Glia, a customer interaction solutions provider that unifies?digital customer service?(DCS), phone and automated self-service on a single platform, recently announced that over 100 banks and credit unions are now leveraging Glia Virtual Assistants (GVAs), making it the most widely adopted conversational AI solution in the financial services space. GVAs are turn-key AI assistants built specifically for financial institutions, automating routine services and sales interactions to help customers easily and conveniently self-serve across dial-in phone, digital banking and third-party messaging channels.

The GVAs are powered by large language model (LLM) technology and are trained on millions of banking conversations. They come pre-packaged to understand and handle more than 800 common banking tasks and are designed to deliver real, meaningful value at scale by driving efficiency through automation, reducing wait times and burdens for representatives (i.e. freeing them for higher-value conversations).

“Customers are flocking to the GVA because it is a proven solution they can rely on, doesn't require any complex coding or AI training to set up and comes seamlessly integrated with human representatives as part of the broader Glia Interaction Platform," said Jake Tyler, who leads AI and Automation at Glia. "AI is an increasingly important part of how banks and credit unions help account holders, driving efficiency, reducing handle and wait times and improving the service experience. But we know that AI is not the right solution all the time. The power is combining AI with human representatives in one seamless experience across any interaction channel."

Edited by Alex Passett
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