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RingCentral Introduces Unified Patient Care Solution for Electronic Health Records


While federal law mandates that all healthcare service providers make use of electronic health records (EHR), the rules leave it up to providers to choose their own solutions. The result has been a sometimes-confusing mishmash of solutions that don’t always communicate effectively with one another. A lack of communications across EHR platforms can often have serious repercussions, and at the very least, result in patient frustration. 

So, AI cloud communications company RingCentral, Inc. recently announced a unified patient care solution for healthcare organizations worldwide. New integrations with EHR providers (including popular solutions such as Epic, Cerner and AllScripts, combined with RingCentral’s AI-powered communications suite) bridge gaps in the patient engagement journey and simplify workflows. Powered by a new partnership with patient engagement software platform SpinSci, these EHR integrations ensure optimal and secure patient experiences, improved documentation, and reduced administrative burden, according to RingCentral.

The communications integration with leading EHR systems is expected to resolve common disruptive issues in the patient engagement journey, such as cumbersome patient administration, inefficient care delivery and inadequate patient information. RingCentral’s Patient Assist feature maps all patient and healthcare provider interactions, providing cognitive insights that streamline the care process. For example, the system enables agents to know the patient's name, call reason and key medical record aspects without unnecessary questioning or navigating multiple applications.

“The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation driven by cloud technology, and now generative AI,” said Srini Raghavan, Chief Product Officer at RingCentral. “By adding powerful new healthcare specific integrations, our solution offers high-touch assistance through any digital channel — be it text, voice, or chat — to deliver a comprehensive 360 degree view of patient records, breaking down silos and enabling staff and clinicians to triage with unprecedented speed and care. When you pair this with our RingSense AI capabilities, we’re creating pathways to a smarter, more connected healthcare experience.”

To learn more, plan to attend the Future of CX Expo in Fort Lauderdale Florida from February 13-15. Mike Stowe, RingCentral’s Senior Director of Developer Marketing, will participate at a session entitled, “The Role of CPaaS and APIs in CX.” In addition, at the collocated Future of Work Expo, Mike Egli, RingCentral’s Contact Center Principal, will speak at a session entitled, “Future of Work Spotlight - Contact Center Agents are Employees Too.” For more information or to register, visit the show websites.

Edited by Alex Passett
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