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ICYMI: What's in Store for the Future of Work


The future of work is intricately linked with the rise of AI and machine learning. A few examples: AI helps improve "ambidexterity" in the contact center, Zscaler's AI-powered ZDX Copilot optimizes digital experience monitoring, and GFI integrated AI into four of its key products.

But there are other stories out there that contribute to what the future of work has in store for all – some with AI solutions and some without. So, let’s get into it:

Zapier Acquires Vowel Team, Launches AI Workspace Zapier Central

Zapier, the workflow automation platform for SMBs, acquired the team behind Vowel, an AI-powered video conferencing tool, for an undisclosed sum.

Vowel CEO Andrew Berman joins Zapier as director of AI, with his team dedicated to enhancing Zapier's AI automation capabilities. This acquisition directly contributed to the development of Zapier Central, a new AI workspace launching in public preview today.

Zapier Central allows users to build and train AI bots customized with their data, enabling them to automate tasks across 6,000-plus apps. This builds on Zapier's existing AI products, currently used by over 388,000 customers to automate more than 50 million tasks.

Gupshup Launches Conversation Cloud

Gupshup, a provider of conversational engagement solutions, launched Conversation Cloud, a SaaS platform aimed at shaking up business-to-customer interactions through AI-powered conversations.

Conversation Cloud comprises three modules: Converse, Advertise, and Communicate. Converse facilitates building two-way conversational journeys with no-code tools, leveraging AI and customer data for personalized experiences. Advertise lets marketers acquire customers through Click-to-WhatsApp and Click-to-Instagram Ads. Communicate offers advanced capabilities like AI-powered message translation.

Fourth Launches AI Platform for Hospitality

Fourth, a provider of workforce and inventory solutions for hospitality, launched its AI Platform, built on the industry's largest data set. This platform aims to transform restaurant and hotel operations by automating tasks and empowering managers.

Fourth AI Platform offers AI-powered solutions for workforce and inventory management. The Scheduling solution utilizes AI for highly accurate demand forecasts, auto-scheduling and shift pooling. Inventory management also benefits from AI forecasting .

Fourth AI Platform is available now with AI forecasting for scheduling, with further advancements planned throughout 2024.

CalypsoAI Platform Secures and Enables Generative AI in Enterprises

CalypsoAI, a provider of AI security and enablement, released the CalypsoAI Platform, a SaaS solution designed to safely integrate generative AI and large language models into enterprise workflows.

Addressing security concerns surrounding generative AI, the platform provides trust, visibility and cost measurement tools to encourage widespread adoption. Developed by cybersecurity, data science and machine learning experts, CalypsoAI safeguards against cyber threats while optimizing processes and protecting data.

The platform builds upon CalypsoAI's existing Moderator Solution.

Avaya Commits to Single, Unified Platform

Avaya, a provider of CX solutions, announced its commitment to a single, unified platform – the Avaya Experience Platform. This move streamlines innovation, simplifies customer choice and helps businesses deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences while driving measurable growth.

To simplify customer selection, Avaya renamed its offerings under the AXP umbrella: Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) On-Prem (formerly Avaya Call Center Elite), Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) Private Cloud (formerly Avaya Enterprise Cloud) and Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) Public Cloud (formerly Avaya Experience Platform CCaaS)

These AXP solutions prioritize integration with cloud services, which allows for advancements in digital channels, self-service, assisted service, workforce engagement and customer journey orchestration.

Gurucul Data Optimizer Reduces Data Storage and Processing Costs

Gurucul, a provider of security analytics solutions, released Gurucul Data Optimizer, an intelligent data engine that reduces data storage and processing costs. Data Optimizer cuts expenses by 40% out of the box and up to 87% with further optimization.

This universal data collector and forwarder works with any data source, format,and destination. It normalizes and enriches data while offering granular control for filtering and routing based on specific needs, including data lakes, SIEMs and cold storage.

As data volumes soar due to cloud migration and evolving regulations, managing costs effectively becomes a challenge. Data Optimizer addresses this by alleviating processing bottlenecks and reducing operational, ingestion and storage expenses for IT and security teams.

Data Optimizer is available as part of the Gurucul Security Analytics Platform or as a standalone product.

Businesses that leverage these solutions effectively will see increased productivity, enhanced customer experiences and a more strategic workforce focused on higher-level tasks.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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