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Trellix Announces Collaboration Security Solution for Unprotected Attack Vectors


Most companies today spend a lot of time and money securing their email. But what about other forms of communications, such as shared work files, and collaboration workflows across other business platforms or applications? Do companies imagine that cyber-thieves aren’t looking at these communications as potential points of entry for opportunities?

In reality, the solutions they rely on to protect their more obvious communications like email should be extending to less obvious ones.

In this vein, digital transformation initiatives have broadened the attack surface in the enterprise ecosystem, posing significant challenges for security teams and requiring additional security measures. While tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace have made it easier to share information, these largely unprotected attack vectors are actively exploited by threat actors — like the Midnight Blizzard credential theft phishing attacks via Microsoft Teams. At the same time, while enterprise SaaS applications for sales, HR and finance simplify business, they also unfortunately become new vectors for attack.

Cybersecurity company Trellix, its teams focused on extended detection and response (XDR), recently announced Trellix Collaboration Security in the United States, Europe and Japan. This solution enables organizations to work securely across the extended enterprise, protecting email communications and files shared via collaboration platforms and SaaS applications from malicious threats. Leveraging a single detection engine across applications reduces cost and increases detection efficacy.

Trellix Collaboration Security, encompassing Trellix Email Security, Trellix IVX for Collaboration Platforms, and Trellix IVX for Enterprise Applications, offers protection from compromise across email, collaboration tools and SaaS applications. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and security analytics, the solution inspects shared files and URLs continuously and unobtrusively, delivering verdicts in seconds. Trellix Collaboration Security prevents the exchange of information between organizations from being a route to compromise, supporting security operations while accelerating business.

“Today’s enterprise is highly interconnected, dependent upon collaboration with external parties like partners, suppliers, and customers,” said Gareth Maclachlan, Networking and Collaboration Security General Manager, Trellix. “Organizations need to think beyond securing email to include all forms of communication. Trellix Collaboration Security secures the soft and unprotected underbelly of today’s digital business, enabling digital transformation without risk.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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