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ICYMI: What's Developing Around the Future of Work?


The future of work is here, and businesses are scrambling to adapt. Remember when we used to think of a world where offices are flexible, talent is global, and robots handle the repetitive tasks? That's the landscape businesses are facing, driven by automation, remote work demands and a changing workforce.

The big question: How can companies win the war for talent and thrive in this new era? Below we have a couple of advancements to help with the future of work.

Genesys Cloud Doubles Down on AI with Copilots, Virtual Agents and More

Genesys announced new innovations to its Genesys Cloud platform. These innovations focus on using generative, conversational and predictive AI to improve customer and employee interactions. This will allow businesses to deliver more personalized experiences and improve self-service options.

A key part of the announcement is Genesys Cloud AI. Genesys Cloud AI offers features like Copilots, which assist agents with large language model-based automation, and Virtual Agents, which can handle more complex customer interactions.

Another important announcement is Genesys Cloud Journey Management. This feature allows businesses to visualize customer journeys and use those insights to improve customer experiences. This includes Journey Flows, which helps businesses understand customer behavior, and Journey Analyzer, which offers historical and real-time insights into customer journeys.

Fulcrum’s Approach Bridges Knowledge Gap for Businesses

Fulcrum IT Partners, an IT solution provider, announced a different approach to AI services. They offer pre-built AI platforms for specific industries, like manufacturing, that can improve things like quality control and generate more revenue. They also partner with tech companies like Microsoft to create secure, custom AI solutions for businesses.

Fulcrum’s goal is to make AI implementation easier for businesses. They help with everything from acquiring the right hardware to building and integrating AI systems. They emphasize that their approach is built around the specific needs of each client and that they support them throughout the entire AI journey.

Now, let’s look a little more in-depth at the future of work and here what reports are finding out about it.

Human-AI Collaboration Seen as Cornerstone of Future Cybersecurity

A study by MeriTalk and RSA Conference shows that cybersecurity leaders recognize the importance of AI in defending against evolving cyber threats. In fact, 80% of decision-makers believe faster adoption of AI is crucial, but only 31% are currently using it.

The study also explores how humans and AI can best work together. While most believe collaboration is key, there's hesitation on fully trusting AI for automated decisions. Ideally, humans would handle strategic planning and governance, while AI tackles data-intensive tasks like threat detection.

However, there are hurdles to wider AI adoption. These include fears of new attacks on AI systems, lack of skilled personnel for implementation and data quality issues. The report advises organizations to prioritize human-AI communication, continuous learning and careful evaluation of AI use cases. They should also build in AI security from the beginning, manage expectations realistically and conduct thorough testing.

WE Study Urges Clear Communication for AI Success

A study by WE Communications titled "Bridging the AI Expectation Gap" shows that there is a gap between companies' optimistic views on AI's potential benefits and their lack of concrete plans to implement and communicate AI initiatives. While 83% of leaders believe AI will bring advantages, only 37% actively discuss it internally. There's also a  recognition of AI's potential in areas like customer service and product development, but 92% of leaders also have concerns about its adoption.

WE recommends strategies like building employee engagement around AI, incorporating AI into the company's transformation narrative and proactive leadership communication. Transparency is also crucial, with 74% of respondents believing their organizations should be more open about AI use with stakeholders.

Businesses Struggle to Measure ROI on Emerging Technologies

There is a paradox in enterprise adoption of emerging technologies, according to a report by Ardoq. Businesses are under pressure to invest in new technologies like AI to stay competitive, but many struggle to measure the ROI and navigate the risks involved.

The report surveyed CIOs and found that while 91% believe successful emerging technology adoption can give them a market edge, only 53% of their projects deliver measurable benefits. The fear of missing out is a big driver of investment, with 61% of CIOs admitting it influences their decisions. There's a particular focus on AI, with 66% of CIOs fearing competitors will outpace them if they don't adopt it quickly, but also acknowledging it's a high-risk investment.

Most organizations lack a clear view of how emerging technologies will impact their business, and many rely on manual processes to assess the fit. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt a more agile and data-driven approach to EA.

Tech Crucial, But Adoption Lags

A supply chain report by Inspectorio found technology is key for the future, but there's a gap between its potential and adoption. AI is seen as a game changer, but adoption is low due to lack of industry-specific solutions.

The report also highlights a disconnect between retailers and factories on sustainability, suggesting technology can bridge the gap. Finally, companies are using supplier diversification to manage risk.

Learn more about the future of work at Future of Work Expo 2025. The conference focuses on key elements of today's re-imagined workplace, not just for improving productivity, but also providing a better experiences, through the intersection of technology like AI and the human element. Future of Work Expo is part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience, taking place February 11-13, 2025, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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