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AI Takes Aim at Customer Communications Content


Engaging with customers is easier today than ever before thanks to a wave of innovation in the cloud, and the omnichannel reality digital transformation is empowering. As organizations seek to optimize customer communications, it starts with the proper platform in place.

Today, Messagepoint shared MARCIE with the world. Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine, or MARCIE, promises to empower firms with the ability to manage, author, optimize and migrate customer communications in an intelligent manner.

“Enterprises are scrutinizing every dimension of their communications for the potential to enhance the customer experience,” said Steve Biancaniello, CEO of Messagepoint. “Having a centralized, AI-powered platform that solves some of the biggest problems companies face around managing legacy content and creating consistent, compelling omni-channel customer experiences is a true game-changer.”

MARCIE’s AI-powered engine will ensure compliance with brand standards across communications; determines reading comprehension levels of messaging; is able to measure message sentiment and optimize impact on the customer; as well as opportunities to consolidate similar or duplicate content for improved efficiency.

Managing customer communications can certainly be tricky, but the appropriate pieces in place enable efficient and effective content library management. And with improved content management comes elevated customer engagement.

Summer 2019 is the timetable for MARCIE’s general release as a component of the Messagepoint CCM platform.

How do you manage customer communications?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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