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Workzinga Offers Workplace Culture Fit Assessment to Improve Hiring


Have you ever wondered why some call center workers just seem to fit with your company and others don’t, even if they all have the same skills? It may be a matter of a mismatch between the individual agents and the workplace culture. In the future of work, companies will pay more attention to how well candidates fit into the workplace culture.

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your organization. Is it formal and business-like? Is it informal and fun? Is it high-pressure and high stress? Does it operate like a slightly dysfunctional family? Is the leadership a strict pyramid with management at the top and employees at the bottom, or is it more informally organized? How well agents cope with any of these scenarios will determine whether they are a good fit for your operation. It’s therefore worthwhile to consider the topic of workplace culture fit when engaging in hiring.

Nashville-based human resources technology company Workzinga has developed a scientifically validated assessment to identify a culture fit between employers and candidates. The company’s Workplace Culture Fit Assessment, which was developed by organizational psychologists, reinforces the importance of candidates and employers considering each other based on key motivations, leadership preferences, personality, values, and job preferences.

Unlike most pre-employment tests that only evaluate six to eight characteristics, the Culture Fit Assessment aligns 26 unique traits, according to Workzinga. This insight grants hiring managers and candidates a greater perspective into how and where they align on their needs, interests and overall goals. The assessment has no wrong answers and no diagnostic results. The comparison report produced after completing the assessment shows the level of alignment between individuals and companies based on those 26 characteristics.

"We believe there is more to a company than a job posting and much more to a candidate than a resume," said Dan Hunter, founder and CEO of Workzinga. "We surveyed 2,501 U.S. adults as we built this platform, revealing that employees stay at their jobs more than twice as long if it is a good culture fit. We aim to foster authentic conversations between candidates and employers during the hiring process to produce mutually beneficial job placements with greater tenure."

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